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Bohin ultra fine pins
Bohin Ultra Fine Pins
package of about 100
1 3/8" x 0.4mm ... ultra fine!

These pins are fantastic! Unlike other fine pins, these bend but don't stay bent ... they straighten. Of course if you bend them too far, they'll break, but it's amazing how flexible they are. I'm told they are made from piano wire. Go figure!

Why are fine pins such a big deal? They won't distort fabric and disturb our carefully aligned seams. They glide into fabric like a warm knife into butter.

The heads are glass so they won't melt. I tried and, no, they won't melt.

You'll appreciate not having a pin catcher full of bent pins! I do.

currently out of stock, sorry
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Save $$ on combo packages!
See the "Products" page.

These items are also recommended in Precision & Panache!

Freezer paper sheets (heavy)

Yes, this is better than freezer paper on a roll! It stays flatter and is a heavier paper. ... used to make quilting templates/stencils
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Finger Cots
(small, medium, large)

These help pull the needle and allow fingers to breath! Save your hands by using less pinch strength to pull the needle!
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The Wacker seams perfect

Flatten seam allowances for beautiful intersections. Just steam, WACK, WACK, steam.

Relieves stress as well.

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