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loThe Wacker seams perfect TM
. Use a steam iron and this wonderful tool to flatten bulky seam allowances
. From right side of project, steam, WACK, WACK, steam and voila...a beautiful seam intersection
. Relieve stress
. Make others wonder what's going on in your studio or at a retreat.

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available in combo with Marvelous Miters book
Please see "Products" page

Make seam intersections flat and fabulous!
(disclaimer: ineffective on tummies, thighs, and buttocks)

These products are great too!
Combo packages are available on "products" page

Prairie Pointer pressing tool

Many quilts in the Marvelous Miters book include prairie points.

Add a little spark to lots of projects by adding prairie points! This great tool will make it really easy!
Piping Hot Binding

All quilts are just a little bit fancier with Piping Hot Binding.
Piping Hot Curves projects use from 8 to 42 yards of piping cording.
Freezer paper sheets (heavy)

Yes, this is better than freezer paper on a roll! It stays flatter and is a heavier paper. ... used by Marvelous Miters AND Piping Hot Curves techniques
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